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Advertiser’s Testimonials

Kauai Marriott Beach Club Kalapaki
We use KAR Magazine to promote our resort in many different ways. The main use is that we give all our owners who check-in a copy in our welcome pack and have the magazine available on top of all our marketing desks.
Daine Mundone, Marketing Executive

We are utilizing your magazine at our Porte Cochere, Concierge Desk, Pool Activity Desk, Valet Parking and Aupaka Terrace.
Sherri Holcomb, Guest Relations Manager

Kauai ATV
We choose to advertise in Adventures & Romance in order to tap into the growing family and couple market. It has been successful in attracting more families to our tours. We have been surprised by the positive response from our guests. As advertisers we are pleased that our ad does not get lost in the magazine.
Marleny Cotrim, Manager

Sunshine / Will Squyres Helicopter Tours
We meticulously gauge all our booking and have found the response to our ad in Kauai Adventures and Romance Magazine is far exceeding all our expectations.
Keone Garma

Holo Holo Charters
Great magazine, great response and reasonable advertising cost. We have been in it from the first issue and are very happy with it.
Liana Gregg, Marketing

Air Ventures Hawaii
Out of all the magazines we’ve advertised in, Kauai Adventures and Romance Magazine have continued to shown great quality in their product and have set themselves apart from the others. We are very pleased with the response we receive and will continue to support Kauai Adventures and Romance Magazine. Great Product, Great Results, Great Staff!
Billy and Donna Zeffiro, Owners

Princeville Ranch Stables
An excellent advertising opportunity, with quality of presentation, generous editorial, and wide distribution, has made it valuable marketing investment. The renewal of our contract is evidence that in challenging economic times, it is essential to remain in high class, effective publications. We also know that our ability to weather the economic storm has been in great part due to our adding Kauai Adventure and Romance to our advertising mix. Much mahalos!
Roxanne MacDougall, Marketing Director

Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee
KAR Magazine was the answer we were looking for. The results have been better than expected. Thank you for helping us get great response from the ad.
Marn C. Zeeb, Shop Owner

Shell Dave’s at Princeville Center
I have been very happy with the many inquires and ad response form my North Shore ad and plan to renew next issue. A great magazine!
David Camp, Owner

Inter-island Terminal, Honolulu Airport
I had a meeting with the airport staff who are responsible for maintaining the magazine racks at the inter-island terminal at Honolulu International Airport.  They informed me that KAR Magazine is one of the fastest moving at the airport inter-island terminal.  They move so quickly, that on occasions, the rack will only have a few magazines after a day or two. KAR moves faster than any other publication at this location. Faster than 101 Kauai and Kauai Visitor Magazine.  Because of this, I met with them and arranged to supply them with additional magazines, so that they can re-supply those racks.  Even though I re-stock these racks every second or third day, there are occasions where there will be a “run” on these magazines.  So with the additional magazines on hand, the airport staff will ensure that our racks will be re-supplied.
Gordon Kiyabu, Honolulu Folder Service

Kayak Wailua
Having been in KA&R Magazine for years andhave had a noticeable increase and profitability in my business. Visitors mention it all the time.
Pete Fisher, Owner

Captain Andy’s
I am very happy with the fine quality of KA&R, which represents my client well. Along with the island-wide distribution, it has resulted in a excellent return on our advertising investment.
Winston Wellborn, Wasabi Designs Ad Agency

Kauai Waterski And Surf Co.
I know my ads work in KA&R because of the increase in bookings we get from the magazine.
Kathy Schmidt, Company Owner

The Lotus Gallery
The Lotus Gallery has advertised with Kauai Adventures and Romance Magazine since its first edition. There are few publications on Kauai that are as well received and read. The Magazine is of high-quality and environmentally friendly.

It is informative and our ads have helped to bring us many new customers.
Tsajon, Gallery Owner

Coconut Coasters Beach Bike Rentals
Dear Mike; Thank you for your persistence in inviting us to participate as an advertiser with Kauai Adventures and Romance.  I know you worked on us for quite some time before we took the leap of faith!  I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we value the partnership and LOVE the results we have gotten from our ad since we started it just a few months ago.  We get a steady stream of customers in on a regular basis, ad in hand mentioning the deal we have on our listing in your magazine.  I only wish we had started sooner! I know the ads work and want to thank you again for the help in getting us started and your advice on adding the value add upgrade to our listing!
Melissa Costales, Owner, Coconut Coasters Beach Bike Rentals

Amico Vacation Rental Cleaning
I own a cleaning company that works on vacation rentals on Kauai. In almost every unit we clean we find “Kauai Adventures and Romance”; it’s definitely the most popular magazine in Kauai.
Gianluca, Owner

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